Honeybound Apiary is family owned and operated by James O’Neil in Stratford. We started our beekeeping journey in the spring of 2013 with three packages of bees.  We also found an amazing mentor to assist us with any concerns we had being  new beeks.  

After doing a lot or research on different beekeeping methods we decided to expand our apiary to Newtown ct. We still have Our main apiary in Stratford, Connecticut but We also have hives of our own in two other locations including Newtown, and Trumbull Connecticut. We also maintain hives in other areas of Connecticut. All together we are around fifty hives and always growning.  Our colonies consist mainly of Buckfast and Italian Honey Bees.

We are small producers of natural raw honey straight from the hive. We also occasionally make our own lip balms and other homemade products.

We Sell Bee Packages, NUCs & Queens

We will be heading down to pick up 3lb packages of bees and queens in Spring 2021. The bees are shook packaged, and loaded the same day. They arrive back in Connecticut in less than 24 hours minimizing stress on the bees.

Please keep in mind that beekeeping is an agricultural endeavor and highly dependent on conditions beyond our control. Our pick up dates are approximate until about 3 weeks prior and we’ll be in touch confirming pick up dates. We’ll also post to our website and FaceBook page.

Order your Buckfast Queens!

I will be getting buckfast queens again this year from Canada. Canada is the only place we can get true 100% buckfast as they import from Denmark to ensure their stock is pure and diverse. If you are interested in a pure buckfast queen please message me. I have found buckfast to over winter very well on minimal stores. They tend to be very docile and awesome honey producers. A lot Less likely to swarm.

Due to the cost of imports and shipping the more we order the better off we are cost wise. The cost is determined by the number of queens orders then the import and shipping is divided into it.
WE MAKE ZERO ON SELLING THESE QUEENS. The reason we do it Is because we believe that this stock is one of the best out there!!